A head start on your dream job

Join other students who are landing real internships at top companies doing work that they love.

From learning to interning

We have two unique solutions to help you get started on your career journey. The first is a self-guided experience on the Career Platform, and the second is our Intern Academy in which we train you and support you through the internship of your choice.

Oppti Career Platform

High School Students

Explore work-based learning opportunities and career prep courses created by your district or school staff. If you're looking to get started, there are many volunteer opportunities, and you can even track your hours for documentation!


Oppti Intern Academy

HS and College Students

For guaranteed internship placement and training with companies ranging from well-known brands to emerging startups, we've got you covered. You can find a company you like and apply to participate when it's best for your schedule.

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