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Intern Academy: January 10th - March 4th

Get ahead! Apply today to receive top-tier training and gain project experience with Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company. This program is great for students interested in STEM, business, or anyone looking for real-world experience! Open to high school students, ages 14 -18.

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What is Intern Academy?
As a leader in the High School Internship space, Oppti has accumulated years of employer feedback regarding what they wish the education system had taught students prior to their first day at the new job or internship. To bridge this gap, we’ve collaborated with some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies and the most brilliant minds in academia to create a combination of practical courses and hands-on assignments. Using modern tools and systems, students apply creativity to their tasks and are empowered to continuously develop skills in the most engaging way possible.
Application Process
Review the Intern Academy description and begin working on your application.
Complete the application questions and double-check grammar and spelling prior to final submission.
Submit your application. If admitted, complete payment and register, or apply for financial assistance.
If necessary, a team member will reach out to you for an interview or to ask additional clarifying questions.
Intern Academy - Program Schedule
Preparation - Fundamental Career Coursework (Jan 10th - Jan 28th)

Start with the basics. Through self-assessments, resume development, personal branding and more, you’ll learn the core skills necessary to help you secure future jobs and internships. Most importantly, this section helps with goal setting and alignment of interests.

Johnson & Johnson Hands-on Project (Jan 31st - Mar 4th)

Split up into groups to solve fun, real-world problems that are relevant to today’s issues. No hyptothical cases. From marketing to research and development, you will gain meaningful skills and deliver a final presentation directly to high-level executives.

Internship Placement - Guaranteed for Summer 2022

After having completed the Fundamental Career Coursework and the Johnson & Johnson Hands-project, students can complete two more courses to be eligible for a guaranteed internship placement during the summer.

Ayana R.
Princeton, NJ
“I definitely feel a lot more confident after completing this program, and I do think that it has prepared me very well for a future career.”
Key Takeaways
  • improved resume
  • improved public speaking
  • gained leadership experience
  • grew outside of comfort zone
Summer 2021
Summer 2021
Anusha D.
Fremont, CA
Rising Sophomore
“The internship was my favorite part. It was so exciting to apply everything I’d been training for.”
Key Takeaways
  • Personal branding
  • Improved public speaking
  • Resume-building
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Team communication

Dr. Poh Tan

Founder & CEO - STEMedge Academy

University of British Columbia

PhD ‘08, PhD ’21

Career Readiness meets Academic Excellence

"The workplace culture is advancing towards a future in constant need of group innovation. While sound critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and confidence are important in achieving academic success, they are critical to having impactful careers. A candidate is only successful if they can function in diverse teams, provide value beyond individual knowledge, and lead from a place of reciprocity, responsibility, and respect. Oppti’s cutting-edge bootcamp not only prepares students for internships but helps them become well-rounded individuals by acquiring essential life skills that make them leaders in their future career!"

Get ahead. Prepare for the future!

Pricing & Discounts
Program Admission
40% off Black Friday Deal Valid 11/26/21 -11/30/21
Payment plans available - select up to 12 monthly installments (0% interest)*
Referral Bonus
Payment plans available - select up to 12 monthly installments*
Organization-based Discounts
If you are a member of the following CTSOs and organizations, you receive $200 off
National Honors Society (NHS)
HOSA - Future Health Professionals
Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Financial Aid
If you are experiencing financial hardship, or require financial aid, Johnson and Johnson will help cover program fees for eligible, admitted students.
Have additional questions?
Can I still enroll as a college student or high school graduate?
Yes! You are still encouraged to enroll...
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Is the Intern Academy virtual or in person?
The Intern Academy will be 100% virtual...
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How long will the program run?
The program will last for 6 weeks, from January 10 to February 18, and it...
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How much time do I need to put in to succeed?
Students are expected to put in...
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Who will be teaching our classes?
Esteemed mentors and alumni from Cornell, UCLA, UBC, USC, and Berkeley...
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Will we receive a certificate at the end of this?
Yes! All students will receive a certificate...
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