Who We Are

Oppti is the largest platform for high school students to find opportunities for career development. Through our platform, high school students can easily obtain valuable experiences by having access to thousands of opportunities in 15 different pathways. Companies select from a pool of motivated and accomplished students who can bring unique insight and innovative ideas to the table. With a strong focus on helping over 150k students find a wide range of work-based learning experiences, Oppti helps students unlock their potential, while helping school districts and companies achieve their program goals.

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Inspiring Students

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Access Personalized Opportunities

Oppti has a variety of opportunities across 15 different pathways meaning you can find your ideal match! Whether you want more experience in marketing, finance, engineering, or any other field, Oppti has you covered. Just  input your interests and qualifications to get started!

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Connect With Companies Nationwide

Whether you're looking for a virtual internship in New York or a local volunteering event in California, Oppti provides you with a multitude of companies to network and connect with. Regardless of where you are, Oppti has organizations with quality internships and meaningful volunteer opportunities for you!

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Gain Valuable Work Experience

Oppti can help you find an internship, volunteer opportunity, event, or mentorship to give you real work experience even before you graduate high school. Oppti can connect you with the perfect opportunity to develop your skills in any field.

Engaging Employers

Access Talent Easily

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Employers looking to hire high-school students are able to post opportunities to a whole school district, saving time and energy. Similarly, candidates will also be able to quickly find company opportunities that match their interests thanks to filters such as industry, location, and age.

Quick and Easy Process

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With Oppti, each opportunity takes a mere five minutes to upload. After creating a post, all the necessary information will be easily accessible to you, saving both precious time and energy. All applicants will be readily available for review in one central location through our platform.

Flexibility of Opportunities

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Oppti allows companies to list all types of opportunities. Virtual internships, events, volunteering, and mentorships can be input and sent to students nationwide. We are always ready to connect high school students with any types of work-based learning experiences you have to offer.

Supporting Schools

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Monitor Student Progress

Students create their profiles and can proactively browse opportunities. When they find interesting experiences, they can apply with as little as one click. Both the district and the employer are immediately notified, and have the ability to approve students directly. This ease of communication and selection greatly bolsters student engagement, while keeping school districts informed.

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Guaranteed Data Security

Oppti is completely FERPA compliant and protects student data in accordance with all applicable laws and privacy best practices. We have signed and completed DPAs with districts across multiple states nationwide to ensure full protection of both student and district data.

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Manage Partnership Activities

Oppti recruits new companies and elucidates ways to provide both in-person and virtual opportunities for students. These companies list their opportunities in user-friendly dashboards, enabling school districts to track student placement and engagement with ease. With Oppti, you can manage new and existing partners, while streamlining the compliance aspects.