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We recruit, train, onboard, and help manage interns all-year long. From Social Media Marketing to Data Analytics, our interns are eager to gain real-world experience

Internship Posting


This option helps increase your visibility with potential intern prospects and is best If you already have a strong internship program. With Oppti, you can post an opportunity for our students to browse.

Managed Internships

Sponsorship - starting at $300/month

Since we have deep expertise with internships, we know how to find great candidates for your company and help them through their tasks to maximize their learning while ensuring high quality deliverables.

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Recruitment & Training
Students immerse themselves in 2 weeks of training to gain skills and knowledge in an exciting field of their choice before transitioning to a virtual internship with professional guidance. Internships usually last 4-12 weeks, and students also work in groups to improve overall quality and collaboration skills.
  • National Recruitment
Our national presence helps us share your internship with students of varying backgrounds and capabilities
  • Training Approach
Students have access to Oppti Career Fundamentals, which helps improve their resumes, soft skills, and more
  • Day 1 Readiness
We guide students through their background research and onboarding steps to jump right in on Day 1
Project Management for Interns
Our experienced team helps keep students on-track, from coordinating virtual team meetings and scheduling, to providing task-based assistance, we’re there to provide support every step of the way
We work with you to help determine the best scope for what interns can work on, and what timelines would best be appropriate for their student schedules.
Once you know what students will work on, we help provide the management tools to assign tasks and check-in on progress as students collaborate to produce deliverables.
Along the way, we are there to support you with any questions you have about how to better connect with your interns. We have the experience to share best practices and recommendations.
Skills and Competency Areas
Marketing. UI - UX, Product Development, Business Strategy, Research, Data Analysis

Common Project Types

The best projects are the ones that take place on a recurring basis and create opportunities for students to make strategic improvements while executing, learning, and adding value

  • Social Media Production & Management
  • Podcast Content
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Website/App Testing
  • Prospecting Customers or Properties
  • PR / Blogs / Articles
  • SEO & Backlink Optimization
  • Partnership Growth


By working with Oppti to run our internship program, we’ve been able to successfully engage with young talent and improve recruitment efforts for Gen Z. Students were presenting project insights directly to senior management and it was incredible!

Students love
Anusha D.
"The internship was my favorite part. It was so exciting to apply everything I’d been training for.”
Ayana R.
“I definitely feel a lot more confident after completing this program, and I do think that it has prepared me very well for a future career.”
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girl 2

Frequently-asked Questions

Is this program only available in the Summer?

The Internship Placement Program is available all 12 months of the year, and students have been excited about completing virtual internships in the evenings after school

With the combination of screening applicants and enabling students to self-identify the companies that are most interesting to them, recruitment times often vary by company.

New interns are taught fundamental soft skills as well as technical hard skills that will align with the projects they’ll be working on throughout their internships.

During the scoping phase, we can work with you to share best practices about virtual internships and how other companies have been able to adjust projects and management styles.

Absolutely! If students have enjoyed their experience interning with you, they will most likely accept your offer.

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